About us

Left Angle is dedicated to Motion Designers and Visual Effect Artists, developing a brand new software to create faster, while keeping control over your workflow, collaborate with your team and easily produce complex images

A new concept

Layers or nodes? The first one brings speed, the other an accurate control over the image processing. We propose a new innovative model, combining these two aspects of the creative process, in order to deliver your images more efficiently

100% GPU accelerated

Left Angle is developing a hybrid engine to use the maximum power available in your computer. All CPU cores and GPUs available will be used, in order to produce faster and meet the demands of modern productivity

2D/3D environment

Combining these two aspects of Motion Design and Compositing is not always an easy task. The engine developed by Left Angle allows to mix these two types of elements in the same timeline, rendered by a high-end realtime PBR engine

Visual programming

Left Angle offers an innovative way to program the entire graphic pipeline of its software, without typing a single line of code! Create your own effects, program your delivery pipeline, automate your workflow, create complex operations between images using loops or store image buffers as variables to reuse them elsewhere


Collaboration between teams is a central point of modern production. However, no solution is proposed for this as a bundle in standard graphics software, used by Motion Designers or VFX artists. Our software integrates several collaborative modules, allowing several people to work on the same project. It provides a framework for monitoring validations and versioning

Combine medias

We create an environment allowing to mix within the same workspace, vectors and bitmaps images, videos using several containers and codecs, 3D scenes,  as well as cache files

Connected to data

Images and videos are no longer the only important data in global communication, on a worldwide scale. It is essential to be able to link databases to feed graphic projects, load dynamic data and connect with traffic systems. Connect SQL databases, import Excel files, program iterations in tables and much more, in order to contextualize your communication

Mass produce

Today, the mass media strategy is characterized by the creation of millions of personalized videos, in order to better target customers and refine commercial proposals in an efficient way. Left Angle offers solutions for mass video generation, on-premise or in the cloud.

Fitting in your worflow

Although Left Angle is currently developing software with extraordinary capabilities, we know that it can be a simple brick in your workflow. In order to facilitate its integration without asking you to redesign your organization, we integrate functionalities allowing you to control it remotely by another system, or to converse with it for a better cooperation

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